“Help us attract the interest of people, looking for meaning in their lives.”

The Oudekerkgemeente in Amsterdam contacted us to renew their identity as well as their website and social strategy.

We wanted to create a strong visual language across all platforms (web and social) on which the Oudekerkgemeente wanted to present itself to the outside world.

In creating this ‘language’ we focused on cohesion and recognizability.

what we did

We dove deep and went into the base of the community that resides in the oldest church of Amsterdam.

After the extraction we started developing the elements for a cohesive identity.



The four main pillars of the community represented in the logo which unites the letters “O” and “K” from Oude Kerk.


We started playing with the elements and different types of possible identity carriers.


The elements can then be used freely throughout the whole identity.

Printed output

The graphic world really start coming together when used more frequent. Truly emphasizing on recognisability of the basic forms and colours.


New website

The visual pillars were also used in the design for the new website.