What if there was a platform that helps you out with anything, on the platform you use most?

That’s what Livecrowd is all about. Plus we add some fun and experience.

Brand MKRS creative agency/BMCA is a digital agency that started in 2009. The focus back then, and now, is to create digital campaigns for worldwide brands, in the Benelux market. Our clients include The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, Cartier and so on.

You’ll notice a lot of our campaigns involve movies. We’re still not sure how that happened, but we think it has to do with the fact that we use new technology and data to create storytelling campaigns. We never run flat ‘show-a-trailer-and-buy-a-ticket-campaign’. First we create digital persona’s, then we build campaigns for those persona’s: A kind of backward way of working because we first dive deep into the number one question: ‘What does this person likes to see?’.

In 2011 BMCA was asked by the city of Amsterdam to help people find the way to their events, and help them out with any question they might have. Instead of creating a new app, we looked at the applications people were using to communicate on, and decided to create something with that. Livecrowd was born.

We wanted to go absolutely crazy with our service, something that people had never experienced. With ANY question you have, we will help you. Not forward you to the next platform, but actually help you. After talking to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram devs, we were given acces to some private API’s and we were off!

Livecrowd was born

Livecrowd started in 2015 as a customer service/support platform, helping people out who are visiting our biggest events in the country. 95% of those events take place in Amsterdam. There are three venues that host the events with the most visitors.

AFAS Live, formerly known as the Heineken Music Hall, can hold up to 7.000 people and it’s the place artists play when they’re about to make it big. Drake, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and Dua Lipa, those artists played there just when there first album came out.

Ziggo Dome   
Our nation’s pride, the one and only place where the worlds biggest artists come to play. Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake; it’s their venue and specially built for big stadium shows. The Ziggo Dome can hold up to 17.000 people.

Johan Cruijff ArenA   
Home of the best football club in the world, although they’re going through a rough patch lately. This stadium has won numerous awards around the globe, and is host to the biggest stadium tours that go through Europe. For example: U2, The Rolling Stones and Ed Sheeran. The Johan Cruijff ArenA can hold up to 65.000 people!

Livecrowd officially started in 2015, with the Taylor Swift concert in Ziggo Dome. It was a big hit. We’ve helped people with:

Custom routes on Google Maps
Where to park
problems with their tickets
Book restaurants spots
issues in the venue

By the next day, Live Nation called us to tell us that their web care team had virtually nothing to do, there was a significant drop in traffic congestion and people were out of the area in under one hour! We then launched our content team. It was their job to give the audience at home a sneak-peak of what’s going on backstage, on stage and after a show. Facebook loves us for this and gives us exclusive tooling to broadcast live, do 360 videos etc.

We carried on for the summer and 2016, succesfully doing Livecrowd for all tour and festivals. Mid 2016 we’ve joined the Waze community, and it was right what we needed. Very relevant, real-time information and a great app. We became an event partner.

Things were moving really fast all of a sudden. We became front-page news, people loved our service and were loving our content even more! On April 3rd 2017, Live Nation offered an amount to purchase 49% of the Livecrowd stocks, and so we became partners. We now have acces to every show, every artist, growing our company to new countries.

Livecrowd Mobility

But it is not only events that we can do; by the end of 2016 more and more local and national governmental entities knocked on our door. If we can help people with traffic during events, why not help them with traffic completely? Read more in Livecrowd mobility!