What if there was a platform that helps you out with anything, on the platform you use most?

That’s what Livecrowd is all about. Plus we add some fun and experience.

Customers often experience complexity when trying to get service from a brand. The online form to fill out, the e-mail you have to send, the service website that doesn’t work on mobile…

Livecrowd is a content experience platform, co-founded with Mojo Concerts. Our goal is to help you get what you want, and where you want to go, in the easiest way possible and with top quality information.

what we do

Livecrowd provides personal help on the social platform you are most comfortable with. Being in live contact with stakeholders who provide us with all the necessary event- and traffic info, we’re able to give insanely good service.

Livecrowd was present at concerts of Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Beyoncé, Toppers and Marco Borsato in the Netherlands, as well as the Lowlands festival. Here, Livecrowd also showed its capability of creating live content.



At the Rihanna concert in the Amsterdam Arena (june 2016) LiveCrowd provided visitors with next-level service; helping them get to the concert (and home afterwards) as smoothly as possible.

Toppers in concert

At the Toppers in concert (december 2016) we helped visitors with questions concerning parking, traffic, public transport, the event schedule etc. Livecrowd reached 64.171 unique devices.


Making sure everybody was up to date on the traffic of all sorts surrounding the concert and got home safe and sound.