Livecrowd Mobility

It is not only events that we can do; by the end of 2016 more and more local and national governmental entities knocked on our door. If we can help people with traffic during events, why not help them with traffic completely?

We started out with some pilots for Rijkswaterstaat, our national ministry for traffic and waterways. It was a great success, leading up to us presenting Livecrowd and our result at various major mobility events around the country.

Now we’re at this point that we are being asked by cities, national government and Schiphol Airport to help them out with very pressing matters in the field of digital traffic management. Most of the cases involve us making sure the right information is uploaded on Waze and Google Maps, Since it’s very important for our small country to have a good free flow traffic network.


Then, there’s also the case of real-time traffic management: sometimes, the (local) government can’t have a road open for traffic because it’s too dangerous to have many cars flowing through a residential area. They’re asking us, a lot, to work out a solution in which we can seal these roads of during a certain timeframe. It’s a safety issue, now more than ever, with our national road getting major overhauls until 2022.

The RijnlandRoute

In 2018, COMOL5 started with road renovations and construction on the ‘RijnlandRoute’ in the Netherlands. The RijnlandRoute is a big project that makes sure there is a good road connection from the A44 by Katwijk to the A4 near Leiden. The project should be finished in 2022. COMOL5 asked us to support everyone that’s involved with this project. From passersby and road users to local residents that live in the vicinity of the RijnlandRoute. We provide information about the work that is done or will be done and we also provide information about the scheduled closures of roads. Besides that, we als show (with engaging (video) content), the progress of various construction work and milestones of the project. And of course, we try to answer every question a person might have about this project.