ArenAPoort is the collective term of all entertainment, sports, horeca and retail establishments around the Amsterdam ArenA.

Big venues like the HMH, Ziggo Dome and of course the Amsterdam ArenA itself, developed this area into becoming the entertainment capital of the Netherlands.

ArenAPoort and its promoting foundation (Stichting Promotie ArenAPoort) gave us the challenging objective of developing a online platform for the different partners/companies within ArenAPoort and for the visitors in the area.

For one thing, we were to create a platform for engaging content that represented each and every ArenAPoort partner correctly. On the other hand we had to provide all relevant information for people about to visit, visiting and having visited the ArenAPoort area.

what we did

We created and positioned it as a informative / entertaining website for all people who have some connection with the area.

By placing a focus on interesting content from the various companies and venues within the area, we were able to create a vivid (online) community and truly represent the different companies, audiences and events.



The four pillars of the ArenaPoort-area, Horeca, Sports, Events and Retail, were used in the design of the identity. With the use of recognizable colors, inspired by the colors on the actual pillars in the area itself, the link between the off- and online community is constructed.



For we create informative and entertaining content, drawing attention to the various events as well as the partners in the area.


In the winter of 2016 the ‘Winterspektakel Zuidoost’ took place at the area. We adjusted the design of the website temporarily in order to draw attention to this event, and created various content (general information, articles, maps etc.) for the website.



We often cooperate with partners in the area in developing successful social campaigns. In 2016, we created a videocampaign for the Gård Nordic Kitchen (restaurant of the Courtyard Marriott hotel).